Choices to Make About Your Auto Grille

Auto grilles can have a few different benefits, from adding a personal touch to the car to improving fuel and energy efficiency. But getting an auto grille put in place isn't as simple as going to the auto body shop and getting a part put in. There are several choices you will need to make in the process of installing an auto grille, so here are some questions to get you started.  

Where Will You Source Your Auto Grille?

Buying an auto grille directly from the auto body shop's stock is a perfectly fine choice, and it can save you a lot of time. But be aware that there are some other sources of parts as well, and some auto body shops will allow you to bring your own auto grille for installation. You might find online retailers that offer salvaged parts in great condition, for instance. There is also the question of whether you want to choose an OEM part or look for aftermarket parts that match your make and model. Choosing an aftermarket part is another way to save money. Some auto body shops sell only OEM parts, while others are open to a wider range of parts for repairs. 

What Pattern Do You Want?

There are a couple of grille patterns that are common. Bullet and mesh are two of the standard features that you might find on a pre-made grille. But you could also have a custom grille made to include a different texture. This is an area where you have a lot of freedom to determine the style of the car. 

What Material Do You Want?

Also be aware of the many potential materials you will be offered when you are looking at auto grilles. The highest quality material you will find for auto grilles is stainless steel. That's because this metal is one of the strongest options and it is resistant to staining or corrosion. There are also options for aluminum grille materials which are somewhat less expensive. The budget option for auto grille materials is ABS plastic. You might shy away from adding plastic grilles to your car, but they can be surprisingly durable. The material is also finished to give it an appearance that is hard to distinguish from metal in some cases. 

How Will the Grille Be Fastened?

Finally, choose the installation method for your grille. Some people prefer to have the grille bolted to the vehicle. Talk to your body shop about the best way to affix your grille.

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