Shift Your Advertising Into Higher Gear With Car Magnets

In a highly competitive market, you want your business to be seen by as many customers and clients as possible. One of the most affordable ways to advertise is car magnets. Car magnet signs provide marketing on wheels and can extend your advertising beyond what is possible with traditional signs. The mobility of car magnets reaches customers in areas where people may not be familiar with your company. Furthermore, even if people are familiar with your company, a car magnet can act as a reminder to visit your business.  

Car magnets can be used by everyone. They can be applied to small vehicles, vans, or trucks. They can be used by political campaigners and constituents. They can be used by drivers who like displaying messages on their cars, but do not like the sticky residue of stickers. They can be used by parents teaching their teenagers to drive to warn other drivers of a student driver. 

Selecting a Car Magnet

When choosing a car magnet, you will want to consider several factors: 

  • The thickness of the magnet is important, as a magnet made from 0.030 to 0.045 mil magnetic material will provide endurance while still being relatively flexible. 

  • Rounded corners on a magnet provide additional stability. 

  • Wind tested magnets will better stand up to inclement weather. 

  • The magnetic material should be resistant to heat and hand car washers, and keep in mind that magnets should always be removed during automatic car washes since the automatic car wash equipment can potentially pull the magnet free or damage it. 

  • Glossy magnets can be attractive, but matte finish magnets prevent sun glare. 

  • Consider magnets that have been printed with UV ink, as these magnets will resist fading in harsh sunlight. 

 Applying and Maintaining Car Magnets

Car magnets are lightweight and can be placed on any metal part of a vehicle. Before ordering the car magnet, you can use a refrigerator magnet to test the area. Do not use eye measurement alone. Measuring the area with tape will provide an even more accurate fitting. Some people also opt to create a paper sign to test the size and the design before ordering the magnet itself. 

Before applying a car magnet, you should clean and dry the surface. Car magnets should only be applied on smooth, dry metal surfaces. If there are any curves, or rough spots, you should avoid placing a car magnet over it, as air will get trapped and cause the magnet to detach while driving.

You should clean the magnet and the attached spot frequently with light soap and water to maintain the sign and your vehicle. Always make sure to dry off both the surface of your car and the surface and backing of the car magnet before reapplying the sign. It is recommended that car magnets and the surface of the car are dried off after rain or snow. Avoid placing the car magnet close to the car gas tank cap as moisture from petroleum will impact the strength of the magnet.