New Owner-Operator Trucking Business? Time Management Is Essential

As the owner-operator for your new trucking business, you will learn that time isn't always on your side. For you to be successful at trucking, it's crucial that you have time-management skills so you can get your work done as efficiently as possible at every opportunity. Obviously, traffic often dictates how much time it takes to travel from one destination to the next and, therefore, isn't very controllable. Since it's best to expect delays while you are on the road, working efficiently while unloading and loading is essential. Read More 

Getting Your Car Ready for a Roadtrip

If you are planning a long road trip or you commute long distances on a regular basis, there's little doubt that you've made sure to top off all the fluid levels and make sure the tires are properly inflated. But what about your field of vision? Being able to see while driving is crucial to safety. Fortunately, there's more you can do than simply replacing the windshield wipers and filling up the windshield wiper fluid reservoir. Read More 

Understanding Your Suspension Lift Options For Your New Four-Wheel-Drive

If you've just bought a new four-wheel-drive, you may be thinking about customizing it to give it a new look and feel. For example, you might be thinking about a body or suspension lift. Not only do lifts like these help to increase the height of the truck body, full suspension lifts also increase the height of the vehicle's actual suspension. If you're thinking about lifting your truck, here's what you need to know about your options. Read More 

How To Change Your Car’s Automatic Transmission Fluid

Changing your car's automatic transmission fluid is just as important as changing the engine oil. Keeping old, dirty fluid in circulation could harm the inner workings of the transmission, shortening its lifespan and putting it at great risk of a premature breakdown. While you can leave transmission fluid changes in the capable hands of your mechanic, most fluid changes are simple enough to be done in your own driveway. The following shows how you can successfully change your own transmission fluid. Read More