Looking To Take Your ATV With You On Vacation? Trailer Options For You

If you have an ATV that you are hoping to take with you on vacation so that you can ride around on new terrain and further explore the off-road world of adventure, then you may be looking for ways to be able to make that happen. There are numerous towing options that could allow you to take your ATV with you wherever you may go. Get to know some of those towing options so you can purchase the right one and hit the road as soon as possible.

Open Bed Aluminum Trailers

Open bed aluminum trailers are one of the most efficient and economical options for towing your ATV. Aluminum is a great material for a trailer because it is durable, inexpensive and can be easily recycled (which can reduce the price and mean you will get some money back on the trailer once you no longer need it).

If you are interested in an open bed aluminum trailer, make sure you invest in one with a ramp for loading and unloading your ATV. Some flatbed trailers are not equipped with ramps which would make it necessary to lift your ATV onto the trailer. You will also want to be sure that the trailer has plenty of extra space in case you want to eventually haul two ATVs rather than just one.

These aluminum trailers also have different loading options you should consider as well. Most are rear load, meaning that you will put your ATVs on from the back of the trailer. Others are exclusively side loading and some offer both options. Be sure that you select the loading option that best suits your needs.

Enclosed Trailers

If your adventures and travels include traveling long distances frequently, or you are worried about harsh weather conditions and how they will impact your ATV on the road, you may want to opt for an enclosed trailer. These trailers protect your trailer contents from the elements more efficiently than open bed trailers. They are more secure and can be locked when you are asleep or away from your vehicle to prevent damage or theft.

However, enclosed trailers generally cost significantly more than open bed trailers. They also tend to weigh a great deal more due to the extra materials required for the enclosure. As such, you may need to get a larger vehicle with greater towing capacity to be able to haul an enclosed trailer. It may also be more challenging to load ATVs into an enclosed trailer.

Knowing these options will help you to best decide how you are going to tow your ATV this year so you can go off-roading while on vacation and have a once in a lifetime experience.