Why You Should Consider Remote Start Installation For Your Car

A remote start is the ability to wake your car's engine without using a set of keys. You do not even need to be inside the vehicle to start the engine. This is one of the latest technological advancements that have wowed vehicle owners in the 21st century, and it goes by many names, including keyless ignition and keyless entry.

Contrary to popular belief, keyless ignition systems are not reserved for the latest high-end vehicles in the market alone. Many car owners are opting to have remote start systems installed even in their dated vehicles.

The remote start systems utilize a computerized system and a fob. The computer system is connected to the vehicle's ignition. When you press a button on the fob, a low-frequency signal gets transmitted to the computer system, and it immediately turns on the engine. Here are three reasons you should consider a remote start installation.

Improved Security

Car locks that use keys are very easy to pick for a seasoned car thief. Additionally, car keys can get duplicated, and thus anyone with a duplicate key can steal your vehicle. However, with a remote keyless entry fob, it is not easy to break into the vehicle.

Every fob has a unique signal frequency that it transmits to the vehicle's computer system. Once the computer identifies the specific signal, it unlocks the vehicle and starts the engine. Duplicating such a signal is no easy feat, and thus a remote start installation guarantees better security than standard car keys.

Better Comfort for the Driver

During the winter, drivers are advised to warm up their engines for a while before driving. The warm-up allows the engine oil to gain some heat to ensure the engine is well lubricated. Typically, a driver has to walk to the vehicle, get inside, start the engine with a key, walk back to the house, and wait for the engine to warm up. You can do all the above at the press of a button with a remote start fob while still inside your house.

Some remote start systems even allow the driver to turn on the vehicle's AC system remotely. Thus by the time the driver is ready to get into the vehicle, the interior's temperature will be just right for comfortable driving.

Saves Time In Locating The Vehicle

When you park your vehicle in a large parking lot (like at the mall), sometimes it can be difficult to locate your car, especially if the rows and carports are not numbered. You have to walk up and down the parking lot while trying to remember where you left the car.

However, with a remote start installation, all you have to do is press a button, and your vehicle will make a beeping sound when you unlock the doors. Alternatively, you can remote start the vehicle to determine its location. To learn more, visit websites like https://sunvalleystereo.com/.