Getting Your Car Ready for a Roadtrip

If you are planning a long road trip or you commute long distances on a regular basis, there's little doubt that you've made sure to top off all the fluid levels and make sure the tires are properly inflated. But what about your field of vision? Being able to see while driving is crucial to safety. Fortunately, there's more you can do than simply replacing the windshield wipers and filling up the windshield wiper fluid reservoir. Here are a few ideas to prepare your vehicle, and yourself, for long distance driving.

Apply Auto Glass Coating to a Prevent Dirty Windshield

Problem: Dirt, pollen, and road salt can build up on windshields, which can create streaks and spots when you try to whisk them away with your windshield wipers. The streaks and spots can make it difficult to see, especially when driving in the direction of the sun. At night, the condition of the windshield can make it difficult to see when oncoming headlights glare off of them. 

Solution: Apply a glaze to the auto glass. This is a type of coating that is designed to make rain and washer fluid form larger droplets, which helps the windshield wipers to remove dirt, pollen, road salt, and other debris from the glass. This reduces the amount of streaks and spots, which makes it easier to see through the glass when driving in direct sunlight during the day and when driving against oncoming traffic at night. You can purchase this product at any auto accessories store. However, it's a good idea to hire a professional to apply the auto glass coating since it needs to be applied evenly for the best results. 

Keep Chalk & a Chalkboard Eraser Inside Car to Prevent Foggy Windows

Problem: Moisture inside your vehicle can cause your windshield and windows to fog up, which can make it difficult to see. Even though you can use your defrost or air conditioning to clear away the fog, those options can take precious time. Since foggy windows on busy roadways can be dangerous, many people use their sleeves, hands, or anything they can find to wipe the fog away while driving. This, of course, causes streaks inside the windshield, which can make the problem of being able to see worse the next time the glass fogs up. 

Solution: Keep a few pieces of chalk and a chalkboard eraser inside your vehicle. Chalk absorbs moisture, which can effectively keep moisture from building up on the inside of your vehicle. Be sure, however, to replace the chalk occasionally when you notice it has become damp because, at that point, it will no longer be effective in absorbing moisture. And if you do find that your windshield or windows needs an immediate wipe-down, use a clean chalkboard eraser. 

Drink Water to Prevent Dry Eyes & Blurry Vision 

Problem: Your vision can become blurry if you are dehydrated, which can easily happen when you avoid drinking water and other beverages as a way to avoid making pit-stops while driving long distances. Dry eye from dehydration can make it difficult to see and focus, which can lead to eye strain. 

Solution: In addition to topping off your vehicle's fluids, you'll need to top off your own fluid levels by staying hydrated so you can see the road clearly. Stock your vehicle up with some bottled water and keep it within your reach. Don't wait until you feel thirsty to take a drink of water. The feeling of thirst is your body's way of telling you that you are already a bit dehydrated. 

Important note: According to research, dehydrated drivers make the same amount of mistakes as drunk drivers.